Sunday, August 15, 2010

NBC's Latest Persons Unknown Fiasco

My husband and I were planning to check out The Event. Of all the new shows premiering in the fall, it's the one that most interests both of us. It's certainly gotten a lot of promotion. Now I'm wondering whether it's worth our time.

NBC can't even commit to a show that was planned as a 13-episode miniseries. I'm referring to Persons Unknown. For some inexplicable reason, the network is considering skipping episode #11.

As I said, it was always supposed to be a miniseries, and we were promised answers to all our questions by the end of its run. Did I ever believe that? Well, not really. Why? Partly because they can't begin to imagine all the questions viewers can come up with, but mostly because I always figured it was possible they'd pull the show before airing all the episodes. Normally, when this happens, they end the show early. I never imagined they'd yank an episode from the middle and then show the remaining two.

Most shows airing nowadays are in serial format, with no stand-alone episodes. If you miss one, the continuity is gone. This is even more true of a show like Persons Unknown. It's a huge mystery, and fans are supposed to look for clues in every episode. People like me--who don't like spoilers--don't want to find out elsewhere what happened if we miss an episode. They're called "spoilers" for a reason; they ruin the show for us.

Will I continue to watch Persons Unknown on NBC? Not if they really skip an episode. I'd rather wait for the DVDs. Am I still willing to give The Event a chance? At this point, I really don't know.


Tamara McRill said...

I'm looking forward to 'The Event' premiere but a small part of me is kinda hoping it's horrible. That way I won't be disappointed if/when it gets canceled.

Eliza Wynn said...

That's perfectly understandable. The networks just don't have good track records, as far as I'm concerned.