Monday, May 16, 2011

NBC Fall Schedule Announced

NBC has released the primetime TV schedule for fall 2011; the full list is here. At this point, I'm not as concerned with when shows are scheduled to air as I am the shows themselves. The networks often move them around before fall, so I'd rather wait a bit longer to see what they're going to do.

The renewal of Chuck, along with its move to Fridays, is of special note to me. Chuck has been one of my favorite shows since the beginning. Although the ratings are terrible, the fans are extremely loyal and vocal. Now that it's moving to Fridays, it's clear that this is the final season. For many years now, Friday nights have been where shows go to die. It's said that fewer people watch TV on Friday nights, although that's based on how many Nielsen households watch TV then. NBC chief Bob Greenblatt even stated that this is Chuck's last season. At least it should get a proper ending--as long as the network doesn't decide to pull it before all the episodes air. It's happened to a lot of my shows.

Okay, so I said I wouldn't get bogged down with the scheduling details, but this fall's Friday schedule is making me nervous. Chuck is to be followed by Grimm, which I was hoping to watch. Because of its timeslot, I don't expect it to make it; it will be competing with Supernatural and Fringe (if they stay where they are). That will make it tough for those of us who want to watch all three.

If NBC's new show REM caught your eye, it's important to know that it has a new title. Now known as Awake, it's currently on the list of mid-season replacements. My question is why they would change the title to something so similar to the CW's Awakening.

I was hoping NBC would pick up 17th Precinct, but it's not on the schedule. Too bad.