Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Journey - Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)

Journey - "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)"
From Frontiers (1983)

This video has a bit of a stigma attached to it, but that's what makes it so entertaining.

"Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)" was Journey's first choreographed video; until then, the band's videos were essentially performances and concert footage. Frontman Steve Perry was against doing a choreographed video, but he lost the argument.

So, what's so bad about this particular video? Instead of playing their own musical instruments in front of the camera, they played invisible ones. That's right; they played air guitar, air keyboards, etc. Sure, a lot of people do that, but they generally do it in the privacy of their own homes. It looked so silly in a professional music video that it keeps showing up on lists of the all-time worst videos.


nutschell said...

I do love me some journey music!
Happy A-Zing!