Friday, May 18, 2012

2012 Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge

I found another reading challenge to tell you about. It lasts all year, and you can sign up anytime.

The Book Vixen is hosting the 2012 Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge. Lasting from January 1 through December 31, the idea is to read more books than you read last year.

Of course, it's good to have some idea of how many books you read last year. When you figure out how many more you'd like to read this year, you can choose from the five challenge levels. It's very flexible, though; you can change levels whenever you want, depending on how you're doing with the challenge.

To sign up and get all the details you need, check out the official sign-up post.


Dana said...

I'm doing this now. I should sign up and make it official. Thanks!

Eliza Wynn said...


menopausal mama said...

Lovely blog you have here! Saw your name as a follower on my Menopausalmotherblog and decided to hop over here and check you out. I just signed up as a follower on your GFC but it appears under the name Marcia Doyle just so you know it's me!

Eliza Wynn said...

Thanks, Marcia! I'm so glad I found your blog. Great posts!