Friday, May 6, 2011

Is General Hospital the Next to Go?

General Hospital is likely on its way out, or at least that's the rumor. Would you like to know what would go on the air in its place? A talk show headed by Katie Couric.

Although GH spin-off Port Charles was my favorite soap opera, I've never been a GH fan. Nevertheless, I'm angry about this development. It seems that all the soaps are being systematically taken away. Many are already gone, and All My Children and One Life to Live won't be around much longer.

Even people who don't get into the soaps have reason to be concerned. Soaps have a huge fan base that is being ignored. Certain demographics are considered important, and if you're not included, the TV execs don't give a hoot about your opinions. For now, soaps are the target. When they're all gone, what type of show will be next?


Amy Brantley said...

ABC is making a big mistake by getting rid of All My Children and General Hospital.