Thursday, May 5, 2011

Supernatural, Horror, Sci Fi, and Fantasy Pilots

The television networks have been busy selecting the shows that will be on the fall lineup. Although none of this is set it stone yet, there are quite a few supernatural, horror, science fiction, and fantasy pilots that could start airing this fall on the major networks. By that, I'm referring to ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, and NBC. Other channels such as Syfy will probably have a few new shows of their own that fall within at least one of these categories.

Here are the ones I've been able to find:

17th Precinct - This series, which is set in a world ruled by magic, has potential. The cast includes Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica), Stockard Channing (The West Wing), and Brandon Jay McLaren (Being Erica). (NBC)

Awakening - Zombie fans, take note. This show is set during a zombie uprising. It stars Lucy Griffiths (Robin Hood, Collision) and Meredith Hagner (As the World Turns, Royal Pains) as teen sisters who don't get along. I don't know how it will compare to AMC's The Walking Dead, but my guess is that it won't be anywhere near as graphic, which will make it a better choice for those who find the other series too intense. (CW)

Ghost Angeles - This one is about someone who talks to ghosts, but instead of being a drama or thriller, it's a sitcom. (NBC)

Grimm - David Greenwalt (Angel) is involved, which means it should be good. It's described as "dark but fantastical," and it has characters from fairy tales. I hope this one makes it to the air. (NBC)

Hallelujah - Terry O'Quinn (Lost, Millennium) has joined the cast of this series, which is set in Hallelujah, Tennessee. Hallelujah is a small town that's being torn apart by the forces of good and evil when a stranger shows up to help. Music is going to be an important part of this show, and probably not the way you think. The songs will be performed by a gospel choir that serves as kind of a Greek chorus. Um, okay. It all sounds interesting, but I have my doubts that this one will make it to the final lineup. (ABC)

Heavenly - It's not clear how much of a fantastical element this series will have. It stars Ben Aldridge as a man who used to be an angel. (CW)

Locke & Key - Based on the graphic novel by Joe Hill, this series should be a good one if it makes it to the fall schedule. It's about a woman and her three daughters who move into a creepy old house where a violent murder took place.

Once Upon a Time – Okay, what's the deal? This is another show with characters from fairy tales. This one takes place in a small town where fairy tales might actually be real. The characters include Snow White, Prince Charming, Pinocchio, and Grumpy. (ABC)

REM - This series has been described as a "procedural hybrid which follows the simultaneous and parallel lives of a detective who can not let go of any aspect of his fractured family after a horrible car accident." Further digging around led me to some clarification. Basically, the main character is caught between two different realities after being in an accident. (NBC)

The River – I have no idea why this one is described as a "horror drama," but since it is, I'm including it here. After a famous TV explorer and his crew disappear in the Amazon, his son decides to go searching for him. (ABC)

The Secret Circle - All the buzz says this one is going to be good! It's about witches and is based on a book series by L.J. Smith, who also wrote the books on which The Vampire Diaries is based. (CW)

Touch - This is the latest series from Tim Kring (Heroes). Keifer Sutherland stars as a man who learns that his autistic, mute son has psychic abilities. (FOX)

There is also the Untitled Susannah Grant TV Project in which a surgeon's ex-wife starts teaching him about life--after she dies. (CBS)

I'm also going to include Terra Nova, which has been postponed more than once and is now slated for a fall premiere. This Stephen Spielberg series is set 85 million years in the past! (FOX)


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