Monday, June 27, 2011

3 Cool Blogs for Media Mayhem

Now that it's Monday, it's time for my final post in RJR Daydreamer's Media Mayhem blog hop. Today, I'll be telling you about three blogs I follow. Since Ellie's Couch is dedicated to arts and entertainment, I chose three blogs that fall within this theme.

It's easy to see why La fotografĂ­a efectista abstracta has so many followers; it's the most visually stunning blog I've ever come across. Don't worry; you don't need to be able to read Spanish to enjoy this impressive image-filled blog. These posts would make a wonderful coffee-table book. Check it out and try to choose your favorite image. It's not easy!

The Pine Valley Exposer is for fans of the ABC soap All My Children. I don't know what will happen to the blog after the show ends, but I imagine it will continue with news about the stars.

Terror Titans is a cool blog I started following fairly recently. Blogger Steve Miller writes about vamps, werewolves, and other horror icons. Terror Titans is essential reading for horror fans.

Thanks to RJR Daydreamer for hosting this fun blog hop!


Ruthie said...

Hey, I'm also in the blog hop. Check out my blog .... RuthieTootieWishes. I'm now following you :)

RJR said...

Thank you for taking part, I appreciate your contributions.. will be following along with you from now on.

I have made an award for participants which can be found on my day 3 post, feel free to take one if you wish.

Anonymous said...

Most definitely will have to check out these blogs. Nice meeting you this weekend.

Lisa said...

La fotografia is STUNNING! Thanks so much for the introduction!

Lisa said...

Ellie, I'm passing on some blog awards to you! Come on over and get them!! And have a good weekend....:)