Friday, June 24, 2011

RJR Daydreamer Media Mayhem Blog Hop

I've decided to participate in the RJR Daydreamer Media Mayhem Blog Hop. This particular blog hop lasts three days and covers three different types of media.

Saturday's post will be about music. Specifically, I'll be writing about three songs that I like. They don't have to be my absolute favorite songs; I just have to like them. That's good, because choosing my three absolute favorite songs would be an impossible task. I'd be changing my mind every few seconds!

On Sunday, I'll be writing about three movies I like. This could be really interesting. At this point, I have no idea which three I'll cover.

Monday is the last day of this blog hop, and its post will be about blogs. I don't traditionally cover blogs here at Ellie's Couch, but I'm going to write about some entertaining ones to keep the theme going.

Time to sign up is running out, so add your link before it's too late!


RJR said...

Thanks for joining in, good to have you ! I agree picking your all time 3 movie's or songs would be impossible ! Hence 3 favourites, of which I reckon the definition is, if they come on the TV or radio they would make you want to watch or listen