Monday, March 19, 2012


A while back, I was scanning my cable guide and saw something I hadn't noticed before: a channel called TheCoolTV. Taking a quick look, I saw that it was airing music videos. In fact, the whole channel seemed to be dedicated to music. Even the infomercials were for CD collections.

Later, I went online to look it up, and I learned a few things. TheCoolTV is a digital substation that's been around for about two years now. I have no idea when it came to my area. In fact, it's not everywhere, but more affiliates are signing on all the time. Right now, the channel guide lists affiliates in 34 states.

Programming blocks include Indie Cred, Nineties Nectar, The Underground, and Retro Rewind, to name just a few. The website also states that programming is customized to each area's demographic and local music scene.

If you're into music videos, take a look at the channel guide and see whether TheCoolTV is in your area yet.