Monday, April 30, 2012

ZZ Top - TV Dinners

ZZ Top - "TV Dinners"
From Eliminator (1983)

Many of us remember a time when frozen dinners were called "TV dinners." ZZ Top took this cultural icon and recorded a song, which then was made into a music video. Like the band's other videos, it's quite entertaining.

The video for ZZ Top's "TV Dinners" demonstrates the danger of putting foil in the microwave. Although it isn't as well known as some of their other videos, such as "Legs" or "Sharp Dressed Man," it's certainly a classic worth watching.


Jennifer said...

What did I just watch? And listen too? :D

Also, Congrats on making it to Z.

Judy said...

Great post! New follower here :)

Eliza Wynn said...

Thanks, Jennifer! I knew from the beginning I was going to use this video. I think it's great!

Eliza Wynn said...

Thanks, Judy!